Your Living History Event!

The location of the event is yours to decide and provide. You will choose the theme of your 60 minute visit in advance of the date and we will discuss possible topics of interest to your group. I will arrive in costume appropriate to the theme with a bag full of objects and images.

Girls in the Colonial program will receive a mob cap to wear for the hour, these are lent but can be purchased. Boys will try on a tricorn hat, and we'll talk about hat etiquette. The Ranch guests will be lent neckerchiefs to help create the feel. These too return to me or they can be purchased and kept.

We usually start with introductions, setting the time ,what was happening in America, who was important. What was a typical day like, starting with preparing a meal, what was needed, remember neither theme takes place when there was electricity and all that that brings!

Both themes include hands on needle work! We will try our hand at embroidery. Each guest will be lent an embroidery hoop with fabric and threaded needle. We will work on stitching the first letter of their name. Completed or not the sampler is the guests to keep- the hoop returns to me!

We'll finish with a better understanding of earlier times after sharing fun and laughter!

The program does not include any refreshments or treats, those are provided by the host if they wish.

Here's to happy time traveling!

If your non-profit family-oriented group is having an event and would enjoy a vist from Be Part of History for a fun look back, please contact us at