About Me

Where to start? It must be the Capricorn in me- we venerate old stuff, or the family legend that says one of my first outings was with my Grandfather to a local dump. The story goes that I came home with old rusted bedsprings that I wanted to sleep with!

Who knows, but the off shoot of decades of history based reading, historical home tours and hours in museums as well as two daughters who semi-happily allowed themselves to be dragged to antique shops, is this.

Be Part of History

Like a field trip in your home or a mini museum in a bag – have antiques, will travel. With entertaining living history stories, a time appropriate craft and a song or two, we will time travel back together to early America.

Granted, history is not everyone’s cup of tea, but wither you have a child that willingly loses herself in the past or one who kicking and crying asks, ”Why do we have to learn this old stuff?” I will present living history upclose and personal in a diverting, educational hour. Perhaps the outcome will be that we raise more questions than are answered but I guarantee having a piece of history in your hands can be life changing.

Many children today haven’t much exposure to something “older than Grandpa.” I’ll bring something “older than Grandpa” into your home and into your child’s hands, where we’ll talk about the old table top butter churn or a curling iron that was heated over a live flame. A wooden ice cream scoop? As well as some of the day to day history, personages and national events from that time period.

And so, with a sincere thank you to a neighbor who let us pose in her garden, an antique shop owner who encouraged us to use her space as we needed for interior photos and a family friend who not only knows that Herdez Salsa is the only salsa and takes wonderful photos but offers free MBA level advise, enthusiasm and tech savvy - I hope to see you Be Part of History soon.